I am, in fact, not dead.

Hi all. Just wanted to say, I am, as the title says, not dead.

Instead, I am without a consistent internet connection.

My parents decided to get rid of our wi-fi, so I have to count on the wi-fi of the nearby church, which is sometimes consistent and at other times shoddy at best.

So I’ll start making sporadic posts once more. 🙂



Pagan Blog Project – J is for (St.) John’s Wort!

Oh dear. I have not been keeping up with the PBP!

So onwards!

I am informed that this week’s letter is the letter J.

J shall be…

  • (J) eneric deities
  • Jewelry Everyone’s got a post on jewelry for some reason.
  • Journaling I don’t keep all that great of one.
  • Jesus Psh.

Hmm… I looked through the Delphic Maxims, all epithets of the gods I know, and didn’t find one that seemed fitting. So then I started poking through my herbal collection, and — duh! St. John’s Wort. So here’s to my friend who was curious about herbs, but was fearful of poisoning herself. 😉

I have a lot of love for this little yellow beauty. St. John’s Wort tea was the first tea I would drink straight, no milk or honey or sugar necessary.

For those unfamiliar, St. John’s Wort is used to relieve depression. If you’re an out-and-out suicidal, it won’t help much, but if you are someone like me who just needs a reminder that self-injuring doesn’t help you out in the long run, it brings you to a good, rational place. (By the way, nobody take the out-and-out suicidal thing as  a joke — it’s not meant to be. I know what it’s like to want to die.)

Now, yes, I believe the earth is kind enough to provide an answer to every problem — have you heard that there was some kind of fungus discovered, which loves to eat plastic — thus potentially solving the dilemma of bottled drinks in dumping sites?

The flip side is — St. John’s Wort can be poisonous in large doses for livestock. And, with St. John’s Wort being one of those plants that can grow uncontrollably, this can cause a problem for farmers and others who have cows, horses, etcetera.

Normally, the animals would become kind of restless, confused and depressed. They might become adverse to water, and will also seek out shade, because they can also become photosensitive at this time.For human poisoning, this would require a ridiculously high and long period of dosages to cause problems — some liver damage has been noticed in people that have that going on, but the human body can have some moments of being a badass, and coping with whatever you throw at it. If you have that problem, lay off of the tea for a little bit, and you should be okay.

Also! I hear rumor it was used as an herb to aid abortion — anyone have any information on this?

<3, Lily.

Hail Apollo!

So after once again disappearing on the wordpress blogamajig, I am returned, at least for now.

In addition to my regular altar, I have added an extra, rotating altar to my bedroom.

I intend to use this as a “God a Month” altar.

It is currently set up to Apollo, the Greek God of Light, Music, Healing and Prophecy.

It’s just a little one — two gold tapers, some incense, a gold dragon (the best representation I have of Pythos) and a harmonica. What with being the god of music!

In the spirit of trying to connect more with Apollo, this month’s extraneous goals will revolve around things under his domain, including:

  • Learning to read music
  • Reconnecting with my tarot & oracle cards
  • Repairing my guitar, Louie
  • Memorizing more Homeric Hymns 
  • Singing better

Etcetera. If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to post about them. :3

Simple things in life.

Floating around the Internet and thinking a little tonight. Today I’m going to try something a little more interactive for the few people that quietly pass through the blog.

Hestia represents some of those simple pleasures in life, which these days the world barely notices. The little joys are really some of the best ones.

So, what are your simple pleasures, the ones that seem so perfectly set up in life that you feel such contentedness among the world?

Mine include

  • Kitchen things – even if I don’t necessarily cook them properly
  • Cleaning my altar
  • Re-runs of good television
  • Having a mouse crawl on my face
  • Tea on a rainy day
  • Waking up and finding I have an extra hour or more to sleep


Come on, there must be something. I made a joke once that Hestia was the goddess of sleeping in and my best friend’s boyfriend has started saying “Hestia’s making toast!” Mmm… fresh toast, another of life’s little joys. 😉

<3, Lily.


Simple Woman’s Daybook #6

Since yesterday was “H is for Hestia, obviously”, I figured today was a good day to do the Daybook. Life has been lifey and I haven’t paid her enough attention like I should. Credit to Maenad Nuri for doing it originally, and credit to http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com for hosting it all.


Outside my window…
One has to love living around the Great Lakes. Everybody had their snow tires taken off in March, when it was 80 degrees. Just the other day we had snow two days in a row. Which is more snow than we got in winter, I’m pretty sure. But it was cute, because I saw a crow taking a bath in my yard. 
I am thinking…
I wish someone wanted to hire me. I haven’t been applying to food services, because I want to get out of the fooding business, since normally food people are treated pretty badly. A clerical job sounds perfect, but I am also content with a janitorial type. I found a good one at Doodle Bugs daycare center, but their applications demand references. At 20 years old, I don’t really have those.
I am thankful…
For my boyfriend dressing spiffy and letting me hit his butt. 😉
In the kitchen…
I made a super tasty chocolate cake the other day, and my boss’ wife gave me a bunch of bananas, so I might bake up some banana bread.
I am wearing…
Comfy, comfy jammies.
I am creating…
While life was being lifey for a bit, I picked up another book for White Wolf gaming franchise, Vampire. So I’m making up another campaign to play. I would like to do the sequel to my first campaign, but I think one of the players finds me and my boyfriend insufferable, or something. I don’t know. .___. 
I am going…
Hopefully, I’m moving out in September. It’ll be just a day or two after I turn 21. It’s time, isn’t it? And I might get along better with my mom. Absence makes the heart fonder, or some such.
I am wondering…

I am reading…
Perfume, by the wonderful Patrick Suskind. I really liked it but I never finished it. However I am making a character for Vampire named Grenouille, because he’s an odd little fop. I’ll post some of his oddities later, to avoid spoilers to my player-readers. He’s definitely a Malkavian, though, and enjoys his madness.
I am hoping…
To find another job, obviously!
I am looking forward to…
Potentially moving in with my best friend, and we can have lots of estrogen type joy. Also, going for tattoo number 2 soon.
I am learning…
All of this job-applying dictates I need to sell myself a little better, and stop being shy and awkward. So I guess I am learning how to fake a better charisma score? And banana bread I guess; because I’ve never made it on my own before.
Around the house…
I have fresh clothes, joy of joys. ❤
I am pondering…
Once again, why did I not get pet mice a thousand years ago? Meena was grooming Bailey when I woke up this morning, and I had a mental squee of joy.
A favorite quote for today…
“One food please!”
One of my favorite things…
The Oatmeal webcomic. That is all.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
I’m hoping D&D happens this week, since everybody died when we got together on Sunday. I was so ready to use my bear and sling ice storm everywhere. 😦
A peek into my day…
I have work at four today, but I might call in to see if I can do what he needs me to do tomorrow instead. I didn’t fall asleep until about 3:30 AM, and I’m super tired now.  

Pagan Blog Project – H is for Hestia, obviously!

After just posting G is for Goodbyes, I looked at the dates on the Pagan Blog Project. This is what happens when Lily pays no attention to dates on stuff. Which she usually doesn’t. Surprising I’ve never had bad milk or food poisoning. (knock on wood.)

So apparently this week’s Pagan Blog Project is, in fact, H! Someone somewhere said write about what you know, and some people don’t know who Hestia is.

Because of this, when I couldn’t make the deposit on my tattoo last week, I swore on Zeus instead that I’d show up to the appointment. (Side note, some girls next to us, the very pop-culture stupid teen types, didn’t know that name either. Also, they thought our friend’s Tourette’s were her trying to be funny. Stupid bi…) The tattooist started trying to explain Zeus, because anyone who went to fourth grade in America should know that name. Or ever watched the Hercules cartoons or movie. ANYWAYS.


Hestia is a deity the Greeks worshipped mostly in the home, which is why people are largely unfamiliar with her, I think. She didn’t get the great temples and big city processionals, but she’s something of a homebody, so I really don’t think she’d care for them anyways.

Hestia as a word means hearth, and she tended hers and always kept it burning, so that everyone might have a warm spot by the fire, perhaps with a little snack or two and a story to share.

Sometimes life happens, and I don’t honor her (or any of the theoi, for that matter) as I should. To which she seems to think “It’s okay dear, whenever you have the time.” Which just makes me sad, because appealing to my morals and such works so much better than actually punishing me.

(Example: in high school, for the few times I was texting in class, they never took my phone or sent me to the principle’s. One teacher just said “Lily, I expected better of you”. Gonk. You couldn’t just take my phone or yell at me, could you?)

I also think my devotion to Hestia explains why some people think my boyfriend and I live in a 1940s TV show – I do the cooking, the cleaning, and intend at some point to be a Nordwife too, with brewing mead and beer. (Where’s your 1940s now, huh?!)

I also hear rumor some Hestians are thought of as being “held down by the man”. Except, if you spend a full minute talking to the Hestians, you’ll find they’re happy with it. Hestia didn’t do it for a man; in fact, she rejected both offers of marriage from Apollo and Poseidon, and decided to remain an eternal virgin to stop a fight from happening between the two. She doesn’t need a man to be complete.

True, I was always looking at the more… glamourous gods and goddesses when I was looking for the one I was supposed to be with, which, looking back now, I really shouldn’t have. I am not a person who really seeks out glamour or wealth. I don’t even recall where I first stumbled across Hestia’s name, but… I am content with knitting and baking on a rainy day, and prefer the company of a few friends to a raging party. I like playing with my mice and spending time with kitties.

I totally understand Nuri’s “hyperactive introvert” comment she made about herself. I don’t like when people equate introvert with raging antisocial bitch, because that’s not how an introvert is. An introvert is an introvert, and a raging antisocial bitch is a raging antisocial bitch. These are not the same.

Though I haven’t read the Percy Jackson books, I did hear what he did with Hestia, which I think is pretty appropriate. Apparently she featured in “The Last Olympian”, as, well… the last Olympian. She said something or other about “When all the other gods have gone off to war, I am what remains.” Like a good ol’ army wife, she keeps home and is the girl worth fighting for that every soldier should have. She will miss her husband, but with a heart full of love she keeps the home ready for his return.

I am as feminist as any other gal, so hardcores, put your torches and pitchforks down. It’s just as oppressive to tell a girl she can’t wear makeup and heels if she wants to as it is to force her to wear them for her attractiveness. I choose to do my tea-brewing and garden-tending. I enjoy cuddling with tea thermos and blankies and just watching a movie. My idea of date night, 75% of the time, costs no money.

Boyfriend and I have even considered moving away from city and getting a little self-sufficiency with a farm. Now hush and let me make you stew and a scarf.

Khaire Hestia.

Lily. ❤

Pagan Blog Project – G is for Goodbyes

Apparently my life decided to go off the radar for all of my fantastical internet friends. Life got busy. Sorry guys. 😦

In any case, after dropping off of the i-Planet for a while, with no updates and all that, I come back for Pagan Blog Project – this week is G!

I read a wonderful post from Nuri about Grace, and she’ll be covering Kharis later, which I’m looking forward to.

G shall be for… goodbyes.

No, I’m not leaving the Internet, sillies.

Some sad news I heard the other day — a girl I went to high school with died sometime this past week, and I tried to see if I could help out with any funerals, wakes, funerary expenses, etcetera, but apparently the funeral had already happened and was a private affair. I think the mother worked at the nurse’s office at my school, so I might pay a visit to say hello to the mumsy. Though I doubt she’d be back at work this quickly, so I’ll give it some time.

I was thinking of just doing something small for her in the meantime. I’m [i]pretty damn sure[/i] she was a Kemetic pagan, she had a really big thing for Egypt, with an ankh necklace, ankh tattoo and an Eye of Horus tattoo (maybe Eye of Ra? I get the two confused.) Dunno if she was a recon or not, and that’s not really all that big of a deal to me.

Obviously, I can’t do a “real” Egyptian funeral, because I don’t think her family would much care for me to go dig up her body and do all the canopic jars and all that. But I can light up a candle, read some poems and hope that she can say that she had a good time while it lasted. I also have this hardcore desire to offer cinnamon honey, which I’m not sure where that comes from, but I could see her being a person who liked cinnamon, despite no real reason to know that, so I’ll go get a honey stick when I’m at the market again.

I also somehow bet she knew I had a bit of a crush on her in school.

So I’ll make somethin’ pretty and hope she likes it.