I will fully confess now the lack of which I have been slacking in my duties regarding worship.

And in another reality I have been doing what I should be as Apollo and Hestia are my primary points of worship.

I quit my old job after one particularly cold day in which my employer demanded I very possibly die so that he can make, at most, $4 that day of business. This past winter was insanely brutal; I would like to cite a night in which it was -30° Fahrenheit, before the wind was factored in. Certainly there have been worse winters here in the past, but these predate my living here.

As my job was at a public market, you can imagine this winter was not very busy. On a busy weekend day, that would account for ~$200 dollars. This particular day in question was a Tuesday, objectively our slowest day, in which we might have, if lucky, had one sale, average sale being $4 dollars. $10 if really hungry.

I am not going to die for four bucks.

Fast forward, I am now working a part-time maid job. 🙂
Also playing den mother to the house I now live in, with the man I am currently in love with.

I am trying to get better at cooking and have prepared dinner for the boys every day this past week, and about half of the breakfasts (normally lunch is work time, so that is normally on them.)

I am hoping to have my altar set up again soon; my Hera statue looks alone on the kitchen chair.

I am all set to go to college again in roughly two weeks’ time. I will be starting to get the prerequisite classes for the nursing program down, and hopefully this time next year I will be working in a hospital, if nothing else as a transporter or anesthesia tech.

So when I am able to fully pray and worship again, I hope they are not angry. I trust the theoi know life occurs. If they want something as penance, they will of course receive. But I do not see them as that immediately vengeful as as much as possible I have not, as far as I know, committed some indelible heresy.

So here I am, attempting to reaffirm myself in my religion. It was very good to me in a time I needed it, and even when I did not.


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