Pay attention to me! Also, Zeus-musing.

Okay I have been a very bad reconstructionist lately, but I have an excuse!

…Kinda, I guess, but not really.

I got sucked into lots of working and lots of D+Ding and… er, panic attacks 5 times a day. (I wish I was kidding with that number, sigh.)

Much drama with the male, so I was single for a bit and now I am not anymore. He actually owns a house so I can probably do Hestian things at it! 😛
I probably won’t because I only recently started spending time with this mister, but I may be developing a bit of a poly relationship with him. Also he has given me a few understandings about my reality, I think.

He is into the daddy-daughter thing, and while I didn’t get it I wasn’t actively disturbed by it or anything. Though some of my friends were all NOPE.

To me, I don’t have a daddy, so to me it is not at all like my father, because I never had a strong male figure in my life. Being a Navy brat does that. And then on that note… that may be very well why I have trouble comprehending Zeus on some base level. He strikes me as the strong and silent fatherly type, but I am barely aware my father is any type. (Also, his type is troll / county boy.) To me my dad, Daddy, and Zeus are all entirely separate beings, to coalesce them into one catchall of masculinity makes no sense.

But, hey, since hanging out with him I’ve only been panicking maybe once every other week, which is a much better alternative to 5 times a day. And I kind of like him, so I’ll be interested to see where it goes. He’s a very interesting + intelligent person.


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