So nobody’s read my blog in forever according to my stats page, and that’s okay, because I know I pretty much dropped off of the grid except for AIM and Facebook, which isn’t really any readers except one.

So I owe something right? XD

Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see…

I bought a bookshelf yesterday and moved my altar back from the table in my closet. I like the closeness of my closet when doing offerings and prayer but I also really like having my altar as a focal point ; it’s really pretty and calming, if not very symmetrical in it’s design.

I would really like to get an Apollo statue next — I know Zeus makes more sense because the statue I have now is of Hera but… I feel like Apollo is going to play a lot more in my life very soon, along with the feeling I get of him as more of a patron for me than Zeus is (as much as Zeus isn’t kind of an automatic patron to every body… what with being the LORD OF THE SKY AND ALL.)

But I’m going to be going back to school very soon, and Apollo is totally into schooling, and more specifically I am going back to become a midwife, which is kind of even moreso Apollo’s thing, because of the healing / doctoring  thing that he does.

Maybe if I get my own birthing center going I could set up a small altar to Apollo, Hestia, Artemis and Eileithyia, the deity of childbirth. I admit I don’t have any relationship one way or the other with Eileithyia, so I should probably work on that. Artemis seems to pretty much do her own thing, and I accept that, because, you know, she’s Artemis…

But if nothing else at least the first three. I remember hearing something like a week after a baby was born new parents would walk their child around the hearth and introduce their child to Hestia, since she’s the deity of the home.

Naturally, the altar probably shouldn’t be somewhere patients can see… Although if my pseudo-plans of moving to New Zealand pan out, as far as I’ve heard they’re a little more okay with funky little religions… We’ll see.




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