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Week 24 – L is for libations and liberations!

Okay, for one, I will start with an admission — I will not claim to have a great relationship with Dionysus. Not that I dislike him or his behavior or his role among the Hellenic pantheon or anything like that. I’m just not that liberated, myself. I do have a friend who has a great respect [I don’t know that ‘worship’ is the right term, so I’ll use that for now.] for him along with some shamanic pursuits. I understand that Dionysus is not just some divine field-playing alcoholic. I see many merits in being free of the various trappings of ‘polite society’.

It might be because, as you can see by the blog, I am moreso devoted to Hestia, which, according to some, is being held down by ‘the man’, or, I’ve also heard someone call her a weak-willed chick in need of saving. (Which is just… ugh.)

Perhaps I am just not meant to be a liberated maenad.
Which I am okay with.
I am very content with the ways of Hestia, much as I haven’t been spending time at my altar.

Next part is libations!

Seriously, everybody, you don’t have to get this perfect. I have someone who is practically my kid sister who has expressed interest in Athena on a couple of occasions, but she doesn’t know how to make offerings, or ask for her blessing, or pray to her, or anything like that. We are trying very hard to teach her — Greek gods don’t demand your soul or perfection. Nor, really, do most pagan gods in general for that matter.

So if anyone wants to do a libation, or an offering, or start a circle, or something like that… some of the most simple rituals in the world can be the most effective. One of my favorite feelings is making a simple offering of barley and water to the Greek gods. Sometimes I goof, and I don’t spend every day at my altar, but I’ve yet to be smote by Zeus (*cross fingers*)… nor have I ever felt like they were really upset with me, even if I have been a silly, busy bear with life. They’re gods. They’re not going anywhere. And you don’t have to be afraid of them either. Surely, don’t pull a Hippolytus and call Aphrodite a whore or anything like that, nor, really, think that. But if you want to open up some kind of lines of communication, don’t be afraid of rejection. You’ll never know if you don’t say hi.


I am, in fact, not dead.

Hi all. Just wanted to say, I am, as the title says, not dead.

Instead, I am without a consistent internet connection.

My parents decided to get rid of our wi-fi, so I have to count on the wi-fi of the nearby church, which is sometimes consistent and at other times shoddy at best.

So I’ll start making sporadic posts once more. 🙂