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Pagan Blog Project – J is for (St.) John’s Wort!

Oh dear. I have not been keeping up with the PBP!

So onwards!

I am informed that this week’s letter is the letter J.

J shall be…

  • (J) eneric deities
  • Jewelry Everyone’s got a post on jewelry for some reason.
  • Journaling I don’t keep all that great of one.
  • Jesus Psh.

Hmm… I looked through the Delphic Maxims, all epithets of the gods I know, and didn’t find one that seemed fitting. So then I started poking through my herbal collection, and — duh! St. John’s Wort. So here’s to my friend who was curious about herbs, but was fearful of poisoning herself. 😉

I have a lot of love for this little yellow beauty. St. John’s Wort tea was the first tea I would drink straight, no milk or honey or sugar necessary.

For those unfamiliar, St. John’s Wort is used to relieve depression. If you’re an out-and-out suicidal, it won’t help much, but if you are someone like me who just needs a reminder that self-injuring doesn’t help you out in the long run, it brings you to a good, rational place. (By the way, nobody take the out-and-out suicidal thing as  a joke — it’s not meant to be. I know what it’s like to want to die.)

Now, yes, I believe the earth is kind enough to provide an answer to every problem — have you heard that there was some kind of fungus discovered, which loves to eat plastic — thus potentially solving the dilemma of bottled drinks in dumping sites?

The flip side is — St. John’s Wort can be poisonous in large doses for livestock. And, with St. John’s Wort being one of those plants that can grow uncontrollably, this can cause a problem for farmers and others who have cows, horses, etcetera.

Normally, the animals would become kind of restless, confused and depressed. They might become adverse to water, and will also seek out shade, because they can also become photosensitive at this time.For human poisoning, this would require a ridiculously high and long period of dosages to cause problems — some liver damage has been noticed in people that have that going on, but the human body can have some moments of being a badass, and coping with whatever you throw at it. If you have that problem, lay off of the tea for a little bit, and you should be okay.

Also! I hear rumor it was used as an herb to aid abortion — anyone have any information on this?

<3, Lily.


Hail Apollo!

So after once again disappearing on the wordpress blogamajig, I am returned, at least for now.

In addition to my regular altar, I have added an extra, rotating altar to my bedroom.

I intend to use this as a “God a Month” altar.

It is currently set up to Apollo, the Greek God of Light, Music, Healing and Prophecy.

It’s just a little one — two gold tapers, some incense, a gold dragon (the best representation I have of Pythos) and a harmonica. What with being the god of music!

In the spirit of trying to connect more with Apollo, this month’s extraneous goals will revolve around things under his domain, including:

  • Learning to read music
  • Reconnecting with my tarot & oracle cards
  • Repairing my guitar, Louie
  • Memorizing more Homeric Hymns 
  • Singing better

Etcetera. If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to post about them. :3