Simple things in life.

Floating around the Internet and thinking a little tonight. Today I’m going to try something a little more interactive for the few people that quietly pass through the blog.

Hestia represents some of those simple pleasures in life, which these days the world barely notices. The little joys are really some of the best ones.

So, what are your simple pleasures, the ones that seem so perfectly set up in life that you feel such contentedness among the world?

Mine include

  • Kitchen things – even if I don’t necessarily cook them properly
  • Cleaning my altar
  • Re-runs of good television
  • Having a mouse crawl on my face
  • Tea on a rainy day
  • Waking up and finding I have an extra hour or more to sleep


Come on, there must be something. I made a joke once that Hestia was the goddess of sleeping in and my best friend’s boyfriend has started saying “Hestia’s making toast!” Mmm… fresh toast, another of life’s little joys. 😉

<3, Lily.



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