Pagan Blog Project – G is for Goodbyes

Apparently my life decided to go off the radar for all of my fantastical internet friends. Life got busy. Sorry guys. 😦

In any case, after dropping off of the i-Planet for a while, with no updates and all that, I come back for Pagan Blog Project – this week is G!

I read a wonderful post from Nuri about Grace, and she’ll be covering Kharis later, which I’m looking forward to.

G shall be for… goodbyes.

No, I’m not leaving the Internet, sillies.

Some sad news I heard the other day — a girl I went to high school with died sometime this past week, and I tried to see if I could help out with any funerals, wakes, funerary expenses, etcetera, but apparently the funeral had already happened and was a private affair. I think the mother worked at the nurse’s office at my school, so I might pay a visit to say hello to the mumsy. Though I doubt she’d be back at work this quickly, so I’ll give it some time.

I was thinking of just doing something small for her in the meantime. I’m [i]pretty damn sure[/i] she was a Kemetic pagan, she had a really big thing for Egypt, with an ankh necklace, ankh tattoo and an Eye of Horus tattoo (maybe Eye of Ra? I get the two confused.) Dunno if she was a recon or not, and that’s not really all that big of a deal to me.

Obviously, I can’t do a “real” Egyptian funeral, because I don’t think her family would much care for me to go dig up her body and do all the canopic jars and all that. But I can light up a candle, read some poems and hope that she can say that she had a good time while it lasted. I also have this hardcore desire to offer cinnamon honey, which I’m not sure where that comes from, but I could see her being a person who liked cinnamon, despite no real reason to know that, so I’ll go get a honey stick when I’m at the market again.

I also somehow bet she knew I had a bit of a crush on her in school.

So I’ll make somethin’ pretty and hope she likes it.


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