Day #1 – Why Paganism?

I’m joining in on the “30 Days of Paganism” blog prompt as well as the “Pagan Blog Project” and the “Simple Woman’s Daybook”. Totally thank Sanna for showing it to me on her blog, and then I found it on Nuri’s as well and decided to join up.

The first prompt is : Why paganism?

I guess at the end of the day you could thank an ex I was dating for a long time. I had some vague concepts in my head like the traditional love of the outdoors,  I could see auras and the future then, too, but my brain told me that myths were just stories, and religions were not the same.

My father’s vaguely agnostic, and I don’t think my mother could ever be bothered to care for religion or spirituality. My grandparents on both sides were Christian in some way. I went to church for a little while, and even taught bible school, but my prayers to YHWH and Jesus really felt hollow and unanswered, and I eventually figured I wasn’t supposed to be there. Not that I discount his / their existence, but I’m not supposed to be following him.

When I moved to New York I met a girl, and she was one of the vaguely Neopagan types a lot of the older pagans and reconstructionists have an intense dislike for. But I was young, and silly, and in love, so I never thought to truly call her out on some of the things she said. But even with her I always continued to look around for more information.

She said she belived in the God and the Goddess, and yet she was quite a bit of a man-hater and always was like “The Goddess this, the Goddess that”, and had this idea that all men were bastards. She also absolutely insisted she be called Wiccan even when presented with evidence that the proper names of her beliefs were otherwise.

But I learned a lot outside of her, thanks in no small part to the Gaia Online community of pagans, particularly from the M&R subforums. I always have been served well by not accepting information at face-value, much like I did with the title ‘Wiccan’. Then I learned Wicca was not the title, nor religion for me.

I prayed a little to the Goddess and the God, and even got a very noticeable response once! While accepting of my presence, they seemed to be pushing me a bit towards something else.  So I honored Bast and Ra for a little while, and I tried saying hello to the Norse gods, who were like “WTF mate?”. Not that they were mean, but I wasn’t meant for them either.

So I went pure witch for a while, honoring gods without naming or specifically honoring any.

Now I worship Greek gods, and they seem to respond well, and I am happy with them. I’m not always sure I’m honoring them properly, or if I qualify as a Hellenist or just someone honoring the Twelve, but all the same, that’s how it is now.

I love the sense of community among pagans, and am totally okay with doing my research into old lores and whatnot, and putting puzzle pieces together for modern interpretation.  I love the friends I have found among the large umbrella of ‘pagan’,


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