Week 11 – F

I decided rather early on this week what I wanted to do for the Pagan Blog Project. I gave brief thought to ‘the Fates’ and something else, and then I thought: Foreseeing the future!

I used to do tarot, and I guess I still technically do if someone asks me to. The thing is, nobody’s asked me to in a good while, and I don’t care much to spoil the future for myself anymore than my dreams already do.

So today is a step away from all of the Greek stuff, everybody, and instead a focus on something a lot of people  practice: Divination.

There are lots of ways to divine the future, some better than others to particular people.  Popular ways are the aforementioned tarot and other cards, like oracle cards, stone cards, and I have heard tale of people using a normal deck of cards for, say, poker.

There’s also divining rods, pendulums, other swinging things on a chain, ornithomancy. I think, somewhere, people use the auras on people now to foretell the future as well, though I can’t claim to know how to use the last two at all. I do like counting birds though, which I totally picked up from Neji, a la Naruto anime.

I’ve had good success with tarot, as long as I don’t try the crazy Celtic Cross layout, which takes a good while to read, and gives a lot more input, but can lead to information overload for me. I have a friend who loves her oracle cards, and I have only one deck of those kinds of cards that I like. Pendulums are quick and appropriate to questions that need a yes / no answer, and are rather non-descript and pretty much answer on the spot.

As for foreseeing the future in dreams, I don’t know how or why, it just is for me. Like the pendulum, it’s usually nothing terribly important, it just shows me a snippet of a conversation I’ll have and what people are positioned where and what they’re wearing at the time. I suppose it’s been kind enough to show me people I’ll be hanging out with in the future, like how I saw the apartment of some people I now hang out with weekly, seen before I ever even met them, and video games before they release (Skyrim did this!), but usually it’s just a generic thing. I didn’t see, for example, 9/11 or anything on the big scale, except for when one night I couldn’t see anything, but I heard a bomb go off pretty much right in my ear. A couple of days later, I find out my dad’s being deployed to Afghanistan. Fun. He came back pretty messed up.

But, that’s kind of tangental. I have plans of keeping track of when I have dreams that predict the future vs. how long they take to actually occur. Maybe I can mark it down to a particular moon phase, or something, I dunno. But when I have them, I even realize in the dream, as when I do in reality, when I have a sudden “I saw this happen already!” moment, but it’s stronger than deja vu.

Maybe it’s just bad meat. 😉

Alternative form of divination, you could just do what JennaMarbles does, and foretell your day by what panties you’re wearing. Probably qualifies as NSFW :


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