Week 8 – D

February 24th is Week The Eighth of the Pagan Blog Project, and the first one I am doing. I’m a little late to this party, so… let’s get started!

D… D, D, D, D…

D is for dancing!

For those who can cut loose and dance during ritual, I feel like there is an explicit power there. There’s a lot of energy raised during ritual and worship dances, like, so much surging that it’s absolutely fantastic. Only once did I feel extremely called to dance during a time when I was using witchcraft, and I forget what exactly it was for, but I remember what I was listening to and where I was doing my witchcraft.

Then again, it’s almost always done in my bedroom, especially if it’s later in the day.

All the same, I was dancing around what used to be my  altar; it’s a little round blue table, and I was burning, I’m pretty sure, Egyptian Jasmine incense. I’m rather certain this is around the time in my life I was attracted to Bast, and my cat, at the time, was getting very old. His kidneys were starting to shut down, and he was getting way too thin.

Gus ended up getting put to sleep and cremated, but when I am sad I have a little wooden box with his ashes inside. I feel like when I hold it close I can still feel his purr against my chest, and it’s a wonderful thing.

But, yes, dancing. I’m rather sure that night when I danced was the most energy I’ve ever whipped around on my own, and I offered all of this up to Bast, I’m sure, in a spell to best remove my cat’s pain. It would have been preferable if he hadn’t died, but I’ve accepted death since I was a kid, and apparently Gus was much older than the adoption center thought he was.

So everyone, let loose a little the next time you’re practicing witchcraft or honoring the Gods, for some severely fantastic spiritual experiences. I swear it will be worth it. 😉 Dance, everybody, dance!

And whether Gus was reincarnated or simply passed on to a fantastic afterlife, I absolutely love him to pieces. I miss him, but if he was reincarnated, I hope that the new human he’s with treats him very well. Remember, he’s fat, and he likes to lay by the fire and have his tummy rubbed.

I’m rather certain the power and energy raised during dancing applies whether you’re a circle-casting witch, a non-circle-casting witch, a Temenos-creator, or whatever you do to create your sacred space. I’ll try it with temenos sometime and tell you how it goes. I think I casted a circle when I did the ritual where I danced. Let me do some experimentation.

<3, Lily.


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